Language learning – a way of life

You only have to read any of the recent articles about the current state of Modern Foreign Language teaching in Britain to know that we have a language crisis in our schools. It’s a depressing picture; fewer than half of British students took a GCSE in a modern language last year and only a third of pupils in state funded schools gained a grade C and above. There is a decline in the proportion of pupils going on to take modern language A Levels and only 4.5% of university students are dual linguists. In Britain, a quarter of people are able to hold a basic conversation in another language, compared to over 90 percent of our northern European neighbours in the Netherlands, Sweden, and Luxembourg. The implications for the future are worrying, with fewer linguists available to enter the teaching profession and the future prosperity of our country, post-Brexit, depending on our ability to communicate in other languages. Recent studies have shown that graduates with language skills are more employable than those without. According to the CBI/Pearson Education and Skills [...]

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Senior Vocal Championships 2017

On Monday 6th November The Senior Vocal Championships were held at Ipswich High School, in the school’s Hayworth Theatre. Mel Billowes, a well-respected music teacher, judged the competition and presented the awards. The annual Vocal Championship were separated into categories that included musical or film, classical or folk music solos and duets. The categories were further divided by age; Years 7-9 and Years 10-13. The competition this was outstanding and over 30 pupils took part in the competition from Year 7 to  Year 13. Angela Chillingworth, Director of Music commented: “The events offered the students a wonderful opportunity to perform in front of a supportive audience. Most students enter because they love to sing or play and not just because they want to win, so although it is a competition the main focus is on fantastic performances.” Mell Billowes a local writer, broadcaster and teacher was the judge for the event and remarked: “I was delighted to be the judge for tonight’s competition, I enjoyed hearing all the performers.” Competition Winners Middle School Classical Song: Hettie H. Middle School Duet:  Jemima [...]

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