School Update: 15th September 2017

Following our announcement earlier in the week, we are conscious that the news has led to a great deal of dialogue on social media, and that some commentary may be leading to incorrect understanding on key issues.
With that in mind, we thought it would be useful to clarify detail on three specific areas which have generated most questions:


We would like to reassure all parents that there will be no requirement to change elements of the current Ipswich High School uniform. Naturally, we are aware that many of you will only recently have purchased clothing for the new school year, so we see no reason or requirement to replace items.

We are currently exploring options around possibly removing the ‘For Girls’ component on some items, but there is no urgency around this, and we will of course let you know as soon as any decision is reached.


Several parents have enquired as to whether we intend to become a six-day-a-week school model as part of the new era.
You can be reassured that we will remain a Monday to Friday school.

However, as and when boarding does become a feature of Ipswich High School, we will be introducing a comprehensive programme of activities for our boarders. Your daughters will then naturally be able to ‘opt in’ to those additional activities, including at weekends, if they should wish to do so.


Bursaries for Ipswich High School will still exist as part of our new model. They will be assessed in the same way as they have previously been, and therefore continuing to offer extra opportunity and support where applicable.


We hope you have found today’s update useful. We will continue sharing regular clarification on such issues and queries here, and directly with parents through our other channels.

Do please continue to stay in touch via our dedicated e-mail at