3, 2, 1 ………A Better Countdown to GCSE Exams at Ipswich High School

New GCSE exams were taken for the first time this summer in English and Maths. According to the Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ) exam statistics, 2.6% of students got the new grade 9, compared with 4% achieving an A* last year. In Maths, 3.5% achieved got a 9, compared to 7% achieving an A* last year. Only 0.4% of students achieved a clean sweep of 9s across English Language, English Literature and Mathematics. Last year, a greater proportion of students, 1.1% attained A*s across these subjects. Whilst the aim of the GCSE grading changes was to differentiate between the top students, which seems to have been achieved (enabling Oxford and Cambridge University to identify exceptional students), it clearly shows the difficulty in achieving a top grade. We should be slightly cautious of comparing the new reformed GCSEs against historical ones; as they are assessed differently. The new linear based exams are more challenging, as examinations are all sat at the end of the GCSE course, previously they were sat as modules throughout the course. In 2018, Year 11 students [...]

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Embracing Individuality in Education

There is a family feel at Ipswich High School, the staff, parents and students all feel part of our community. We have a sense of ownership and unlike other schools there is a greater opportunity to be treated as individuals. There is enough freedom that allows students to be themselves, balanced with a positive discipline structure that ensures a level of personal responsibility that is developed by the pupils. We are providing an education that is preparing students for the future. We challenge the students to not only gain skills, knowledge and a competitive spirit but also to learn who they are and embrace it. If an education is too authoritarian it will develop rule followers and students that need to be constantly given direction. An education that is solely focused on academic studies can have a tendency to produce passive learners. Our students learn how to think, adapt and be leaders in their fields. Education for the future needs to provide the right balance between academic, sport and the arts. An academic education provides the skills and knowledge, [...]

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