3, 2, 1 ………A Better Countdown to GCSE Exams at Ipswich High School

New GCSE exams were taken for the first time this summer in English and Maths. According to the Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ) exam statistics, 2.6% of students got the new grade 9, compared with 4% achieving an A* last year. In Maths, 3.5% achieved got a 9, compared to 7% achieving an A* last year. Only 0.4% of students achieved a clean sweep of 9s across English Language, English Literature and Mathematics. Last year, a greater proportion of students, 1.1% attained A*s across these subjects. Whilst the aim of the GCSE grading changes was to differentiate between the top students, which seems to have been achieved (enabling Oxford and Cambridge University to identify exceptional students), it clearly shows the difficulty in achieving a top grade. We should be slightly cautious of comparing the new reformed GCSEs against historical ones; as they are assessed differently. The new linear based exams are more challenging, as examinations are all sat at the end of the GCSE course, previously they were sat as modules throughout the course. In 2018, Year 11 students [...]

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School Update: 15th September 2017

Following our announcement earlier in the week, we are conscious that the news has led to a great deal of dialogue on social media, and that some commentary may be leading to incorrect understanding on key issues. With that in mind, we thought it would be useful to clarify detail on three specific areas which have generated most questions: 1) UNIFORM We would like to reassure all parents that there will be no requirement to change elements of the current Ipswich High School uniform. Naturally, we are aware that many of you will only recently have purchased clothing for the new school year, so we see no reason or requirement to replace items. We are currently exploring options around possibly removing the ‘For Girls’ component on some items, but there is no urgency around this, and we will of course let you know as soon as any decision is reached. 2) SIX DAY SCHOOL Several parents have enquired as to whether we intend to become a six-day-a-week school model as part of the new era. You can be reassured that [...]

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