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Year 7 Admissions

October 2017
  • 13th October: Deadline for submitting Year 7 Gainsborough Scholarship applications, CVs and portfolios as appropriate

November 2017

  • 3rd November: Deadline for bursary applications
  • 3rd November: Deadline for submitting Registration Form
  • 9th – 10th November: Scholarship interviews and assessments for short-listed applicants
  • 15th November: Entrance Examination and assessments. The Entrance Examination for Year 7 entry consists of two formal papers: English (comprehension and creative writing) and Mathematics. Additionally, your daughter will take part in a group activity with the Head of Year 7 and Assistant Head (Pastoral)
December 2017
  • Offers of Admission made
  • Scholarship recipients informed
  • Bursary recipients informed
March 2018
  • 5th March: Deadline for acceptance of place
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Year 7 Scholarships

For entry to Year 7 we offer the Christchurch Academic Scholarship which is awarded to the top-performing pupils based on performance in the Entrance Examination.
Year 7 entrants can also apply for our Gainsborough Art, Drama, Music and Sports Scholarships which are awarded to pupils who are outstanding in these areas. Further details are available on the Year 7 Scholarship page and in our admissions guide. To apply for a place in our Senior School, please complete the Registration Form on page 15 of our Admissions Guide or contact our Registrar for further information.